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Interior Wall Designs That Will Inspire You

Interior wall design is not as easy as it seems, and you’ll know this once the decision falls upon you and your taste, style and budget will put you in a fix.

That’s when this inspiration guide will be your light at the end of the tunnel

What you see below is a splendid wallpaper from none other than Sabyasachi’s haute couture for homes. Now, no one can deny that this floral beauty is a stunner and easily the focal point of this room.

But, imagine this, what if all the walls in this room were done up in this wallpaper? Where would we look first? Would this wall still grab eyeballs? Our bet is that it wouldn’t and that is a lesson in interior wall design.

Every wall can’t be an accent wall because by definition, an accent wall is the wall that stands out in a room. 

Did you know that Sabyasachi is more than just his gorgeous lehengas?

Still not clear? Let’s explore what accent walls mean in detail. 

What Are Accent Walls?

A striking accent wall design for bedroom interiors

An accent wall, as the name suggests, is a particular wall that is different and stands apart from the other walls. This wall may have a different colour, texture, shade, material or anything that differentiates it from the rest. People opt for such a strategic interior design to break up the monotony of plain walls or to make a statement. In other words, an accent wall is the wall you are likely to notice first when you enter a room because it is designed to grab your attention. 

Why Are They Important in Interior Design?

A stone-cladded wall offers a castle like aura to this room

Wall design plays a pivotal role in determining the look and feel of a house interior. And designer walls for your homes are at the top of our list! This is because accent walls are an easy, cost-effective and flexible choice. So, if you want to give your walls a revamp but lack the budget to paint all four walls, an accent wall is the solution! Do you love vibrant colours but don’t want to overdo colours in your interiors? Some clever interior wall designs will look amazing without being loud! Accent walls are a functional and aesthetic answer for all your home design questions. That is why, we also call them one wall wonders.

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Advantages of an Interior Wall Design

So here are the advantages of designer walls for homes:

  • Provides an instant pop of colour 
  • Ample design options
  • Creates a focal point 
  • Brings a dash of texture to the space
  • Can be used to hide cracks, electrical cables, etc

Types of Accent Walls by Material

#1: Paint (Plain)

When we say plain, we mean creatively plain

When in doubt, keep it simple! You don’t need expensive materials to create an accent wall. Plain old paint will do just fine! Just paint one wall in a different colour from the rest, or…

You can get creative and flirt a little with the definition of plain!  


#2: Paint (Texture)

A splash here and a splash there for the artist in you

While we love plain paint, there’s no harm in spicing it up! Opt for textured paint for your feature walls and decorate with statement pieces.

#3: Wallpaper

Wallpapers are your best friend if you live in a rental home

When it comes to the subject of interior wall design, wallpapers are among the most flexible and cost-effective choices available. Especially if you live in a rental home, there is no need to antagonise your landlord by painting a wall! Just get a wallpaper and create a designer wall for your home.

#4: Moulding

POP can be used to create wall mouldings ranging from minimal to intricate

An easy and convenient way to create an accent wall and make it look stunning is to go for wall moulding. Wall moulding—made of POP, wood or cement—can be made up of different materials depending upon your design requirement and budget.

#5: Panelling

Textured solid wood pattis fixed on an MDF panel, the effect is stunning!

Wall panelling is a popular type of accent wall that is made up of waterproof fibreboard and overlaid with paper, laminate or fabric. Panels are very convenient to install and can be reused if you plan to redo your interior wall design.

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#6: Tiles

Reminiscent of a rustic dhaba on the highway

Did you think that tiles can only be used on your floors? You’re wrong, as tiles can also be used for your walls! A great way to create an accent wall using tiles is to look for a design like a brick wall or wooden grained finish.

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#7: Stone Cladding

Place low seating against an accent wall to create a cosy nook

Interior wall design is incomplete without the mention of a gorgeous stone wall! If you want an accent wall that is rustic and country-style, then opt for stone cladding. While stone cladding for all four walls might make your home look like a cave, it would look perfect for a single accent wall!

#8: Stencils

Ethnic designs in vibrant colours can make your room look WOW!

As we strongly believe, interior design should never be expensive! As for accent walls, nothing is as cost-effective as a stencilled motif wall.

Things to Keep in Mind While Choosing a Designer Wall

  • Always use a wall with a clean surface
  • Measure the dimensions of the wall properly
  • Try to avoid A/C points in accent walls
  • Accent walls shouldn’t have any windows
  • Ideally, there shouldn’t be any beams above the accent wall unless there is no other choice

10+ Interior Wall Designs We LOVE!

Now that you know all about accent walls, here are a few of our favourites!

#1: The Industrial Texture

An industrial style textured brick-like wall

Style: Industrial

Materials Used: Wallpaper

Where to Use: Wherever texture is needed and you want a rustic vibe for the space. It is ideal for minimal settings where texture is the only form of ornamentation.

#2: The Intricate POP Work

POP has been used to create intricate, floral patterns

Style: Indian traditional

Materials Used: Plaster of Paris

Where to Use: If you want a textured and statement look for your interior wall design, but lack the space, POP is the best option for you. Oh! Did we forget to mention that it’s affordable too!

#3: Marble or Its Look-Alike

The metallic accent on the marble wall is just the right amount of glam!

Style: Art Deco

Materials Used: Marble

Where to Use: When budget is not the issue and you want an understated yet glamorous look, then go all the way with a marble accent wall.

#4: The Plain but Inventive Technique

A vivid blue wall that will FINALLY make you have your breakfast at the table!

Style: Contemporary

Materials Used: Oil paint using strie technique

Where to Use: If you want a minimal look for your accent wall, but do not like plain paint, then a striped accent wall is for you. 


#5: The Floral Wallpaper

Don’t miss the curvy furniture silhouettes that go perfectly with the florals

Style: French Renaissance

Materials Used: Wallpaper

Where to Use: Dainty and pretty, this cosy interior wall design would look great in a kids’ bedroom. Accent walls with wallpaper are also convenient options for rental homes.

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#6: The Rustic Charm

A rustic accent wall that is the perfect companion to the wooden interiors

Style: Rustic

Materials Used: Distressed wood

Where to Use: A wooden accent wall done up in rustic style can be used to create cabin-like vibes. Don’t forget to pair it with warm wooden furniture.

#7: The Mirror Fairytale

A mirrored accent wall can make a small room look big

Style: Neo Deco (an extraction of art deco that is currently in vogue)

Materials Used: Pieces of mirrors

Where to Use: When space is scarce, a mirrored accent wall can create the illusion of spaciousness. Also, if you lack the budget for a full mirror, multiple pieces of mirrors joined together can bring down the cost of interior wall design.

#8: The Fluted Wall

The simple TV looks great against the fluted walls and the pops of red are the perfect addition

Style: Contemporary

Materials Used: Wooden pattis

Where to Use: Flutes, which are round or half-round pieces of moulding, create the illusion of height. So, if a room has a low ceiling, create a fluted interior wall design to make the ceiling look taller.

#9: The Geometric Distraction

The exposed timber wall adds warmth to the dainty pastel green wall

Style: Contemporary

Materials Used: Wooden panel and Duco paint

Where to Use: This type of panelled accent wall is perfect to hide electrical wires. The combination of the pastel green and exposed timber wall gives it a plush yet rustic feel.

#10: The Upholstered Beauty

The velvet accent wall serves as the perfect headboard

Style: Art Deco

Materials Used: Velvet

Where to Use: Considering the accent wall is made of velvet, this type of interior wall design is perfect for bedrooms, behind the bed as it acts like an alternative headboard and cushions your head.

#11: The Divine Wainscoting

Let light and shadow play their games with your walls

Style: European

Materials Used: Wood and paint

Where to Use: Anywhere! Wainscoting works in every room: your living room, dining room or bedroom. Since most of its magic takes place when the light hits your walls, wainscoting can transform the look of your interiors. Also, since the rest of the magic depends on your wall colour, pick a colour that complements your room.

#12: The Board and Batten Talk

Batten and board panelling on the wall add plenty of texture

Style: Farmhouse or country style

Materials Used: Wood

Where to Use: Board and batten can leave less room for hanging wall decor items, so we suggest you use it in communal areas of your home. You can use this interior wall design in your foyer, living room, dining room, study room or activity room where you don’t feel the need to put on pictures and portraits.

#13: The Farm-Style Shiplap

Plain interior wall designs don’t get better than this

Style: Rustic chic (like the wall in the picture above) or farmhouse

Materials Used: Wood and paint

Where to Use: We recommend that you use this wall design in rooms with high ceiling and good lighting as shiplap work can make your room seem smaller when not used strategically. So, pick a well-lit room with less furniture and a high ceiling, and a light colour paint to go with it.

#14: The Personal Messenger

Your house, your walls

Style: Contemporary

Materials Used: Wallpaper, textile or mural paint

Where to Use: Personalised design looks good in spaces where you want your personality to reflect. So if your idea is something that inspires you or relaxes you, use it in your bedroom. But if it is a means of making a statement around your guests, use your personalised wall design in living and dining room.

Whether you have budget constraints or want a plush interior wall design, accent walls can give you the look and vibe that you desire! Looking for more ideas? These 15+ accent wall designs will suit every type of home. Check them out.