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Minimalist House Design With The Economist Price

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Minimalist house design with low-budget is an alternative solution to get a proper house for living. Not rare, the creative ones could well-low-budget spent with various innovative steps for saving the money and ingredients.

A beautiful and a comfortable home for occupancy family is everyone dreams moreover it is a pride and happiness at the same time when a family would have an effort to get the house they are wishing for.

For having your dream house, of course, the budget is not low to spend, even a lot people willing to repay the house for over years to get the dream house.

minimalist house

Moreover, if we give the ideas design of our house and special room it can be self-satisfaction,

in addition, to get the house with our own style we wanted to be.

Where now is becoming the minimalist house design is one of the house concepts, which is the style of the house that has a lot of lovers especially to Indonesian society.

The simple design can be one reason of minimalist house design has the lovers of any ages. The within creates the minimalist house, it can save the money in using the material and land also has the modern appearance and almost there is a complex shape.

In other words, every detail within minimalist house design always has a certain function for the building itself that showing the aesthetic from every corner of the building.

So that we can build a house with this design at an economical price and far from the word “wasteful” both from the use of materials and materials.

For you who wants the house with the minimalist style, go read this article to the end!

What is Minimalist House?

In accordance with the title, a minimalist home is a house that we can build with the types of materials and buildings at the lowest possible price.

Although by the minimalist budget it is can produce the comfort house design and attractive by it is aesthetic.

Usually, the house with the minimalist design would have seen plain and have nothing much ornaments attached, unless the ornament basically has a certain function for the house itself.

In the other words, every minimalist house design always has a certain function, so we don’t have to worry about being wasteful on the ingredients and materials; the benefit it is you can save your money and get the comfort house at the same time.

Minimalist House Design

minimalist house

As usual of minimalist house design has a simple with low-budget yet still has the value by its beauty through the huge house layout.

The efficiency of minimalist house design is application mode from the using of ingredients the building also the furniture for the house.

For you who has small land, may this minimalist design is the best choice for your living.

Indeed organizing home on the small land can be a challenge for ourselves to have created a home design that able to fulfill the needs and functions of the rooms for the owner as the activity suspect in the room.

Either, that doesn’t rule out the possibility of a minimalist design that we can apply to homes with different conditions.

All design it is depends on the styles and what the owner wants.

minimalist house

In addition, we can use the selection of materials for various things.

To create a design with a minimalist look, here are some materials that we can use besides concrete, brick (exposure), paint, wood, natural stone, glass, steel, and others.

These years later, minimalist house with a variety of types becoming the top option for everyone, the exact reason is of course from the side of economist price that cheaper or indeed based on the person wanted the house to have an aesthetic value with minimalist house design.

Minimalist home design looks elegant like a luxury home if we design it well.

Tips to Make Minimalist House Design

Here are things to make the minimalist house design:

Multi-function Furniture

With a minimalist house design everything is the economist, so does with decorating a room, you can make the room well-organized with multi-function furniture.

For example, the main table in a minimalist TV room can also be replaced with a small side table, vertical bookshelves,

to use a hard sofa seat as a place to put important things when using a minimalist TV room.

Pay Attention to The lighting in the room

Lighting becomes very important in the room, where the great influence on the room, some of which is to create the illusion of a more spacious space and provide comfort for residents.

The minimalist home design is usually utilizing sunlight so that large and wide windows are visible where light makes space more spacious and not even damp.

Separate the area of the room

Indeed the design of the house with a minimalist style is very difficult to provide a partition because of the limited area.

Although the area of the room is limited it does not mean there is no alternative solution for the bulkhead to each room.

To make the room look neat, we can give it a partition.

As the example use a semi-permanent material such as a bookcase of cabinets, tables or curtains.

Use Furniture according to size and function

Smartly choose furniture for homes with a minimalist design style. The selection of minimalist furniture must be based on consideration of size and function.

As in choosing a sofa, we don’t recommend using a large sofa, except for only one and you have calculated the area of ​​the room.

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You can consider the ottoman which has many functions, besides the seat, the ottoman can also function as a fragile storage area.

Wall for The Decoration Base

As a basis for home decoration with a minimalist style, we are free to be creative,

but decorating is not only a matter of hours, painting photos and so on,

another alternative that can be applied in decorating is the unique and interesting wall wallpaper as a sweetener.

Choose a Simple Wall Display

Walls become an alternative to decorate homes with minimalist designs, displays such as wall clocks, photo frames, or paintings. Hanging a display on the wall in a symmetrical arrangement will make it look neat.

Instead, hanging a display on a wall in a random arrangement can create a more dynamic and creative impression. You are free to determine the arrangement of displays according to your wishes because they both beautify minimalist home decor.

But still have to pay attention to neatness, not too dense and tight.

Good Spatial Planning

The arrangement itself is identical to matching one item with another item, this refers to the minimalist house concept itself.

For example with the green style, there are one or plants stored in the living room. However, you must be skilled in choosing the type of plant and the arrangement, so as not to interfere with the activity and not interfere.

Types of Minimalist Home Designs

Here are some minimalist home designs that can inspire you:

Minimalist house design with one floor

minimalist house

As discussed, home minimalist home designs are simple and simple. This is usually chosen by many young couples, with not many family members and enough space is the main reason.

But not infrequently they choose because the budget issued is in accordance with what is needed.

Minimalist house design with sat floor usually consists of two bedrooms, one bathroom, living room and kitchen. However, the design of a minimalist house has a different composition of the room depending on the needs.

Now there are many houses with various types that are marketed by housing agents. However, if you want to make your own design what is wrong with trying.

Minimalist House Design Two floors

minimalist house

Actually, it is not much different from the one-floor house. The second-floor house was chosen because of its increasing needs, such as being four bedrooms, two rooms on the first floor, and others.

There is a family room and other needs that continue to increase.

All materials remain functional. The solution for the narrow land area is often chosen by the owner of a two-story minimalist house.

Open House Minimalist Concept Design

minimalist house

After deciding the desire to make the minimalist house design it is showing few concepts. Concept open house design is one of the ideas that can be the inspiring of the minimalist house.

Minimalist House Design Garden Concept

minimalist house

As the name of the headline, this build is building with the garden concept. Of course, a lot of green color in the house. This thing is fit for whose like cold air and plants.

The green color giving relax atmosphere for the owner house. Not shock if this concept a lot to choose, moreover in the big city that contains a lot of pollutions.

However, the house’s owner must be smart for choosing the plants. Do not be the house bad-organized and the plants do not take good care enough, it will disturb the beauty of the house itself.

Or you can add the backyard for green grass as the alternative not to wanting a lot of plants.

Minimalist House Design Concept Roof Flat

minimalist house

The flat roof factor has a low level of the slope, making it more efficient in the consumption of materials while providing technical benefits, and ease of maintenance. It makes this design provide more economic value.

This minimalist home design is perfect for those of you who have a long plan but still think about bugs. Because this design can adjust the budget without looking awkward or a gig.

For example, if you want to make it a two-story house, or just add a balcony or attic at a time.

In addition, a minimalist house with a flat roof can also make it easier for you to use the top of the house. With a flat roof, you can easily install air conditioning units, fans, and solar panels.

Minimalist Bedroom Design

minimalist house design

For everyone, a bedroom is a private place that uses as the rest area after working all day long outside the house.

As the function, creating a room that able to give psychologist affection for peace, comfort, cheer and relax becoming what people wish for.

If a house style is identic with a huge room, it is the difference with now. This time society mostly loved minimalist building.

However, the general problem that often more is the large of the room that limited, including the bedroom. But 90% bedroom that fulfilling characteristics of bedroom design is with high functionality.

So, the simple bedroom is helping you to make the comforting sense.

The minimalist bedroom is a design idea that uses for creating the room with minimalist design. Minimalist in here can be meant as a design that doesn’t contain a lot of materials either decorative within.

Minimalist bedroom design is very suitable to use for them whose wanted a room with a cheerful atmosphere and not much crowded. The key is organizing the existing material, so it creates an easy place and beautiful.

Things That Makes The Minimalist Bedroom

There are a few things needs an attention first within makes the minimalist bedroom.

Spacious Room

The truth small or large the room is, it will affect the comfort of someone that within in the room. So does with how to create a suit design and exact for the room.

Minimalist design is one of design that could be applied with good flexibility within huge room either the small one. For the minimalist room, the thing that needs to be a concern is the furniture selection with suitable placement.

The Placement and Bedroom

The position of the bedroom was no less important, which will be the center of every interior that is placed later. Like is there a window, balcony, or want to look outward like a garden or something? This will affect how the room design fits.

If the position of the house is in an area that allows the opening out, it will create a good and healthy design because the light and air can flow well, the atmosphere becomes more fresh and bright.

The function of the Bedroom

minimalist house

Estimate what activities will be done in the bedroom. Will the bed be a study room at once or just to sleep? Or are there other activities to be performed like reading or something else?

What furniture can support the activity? By knowing the activity inside will make it easier to prepare any furniture needed in the room.

This is also the consideration whether approximately the area of the room allows so it does not look much stuff that makes it look narrow.

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The material, furniture, and color paint the room

Minimalist design tends to produce a design that fits the function of the room. This will affect the selection of furniture in it.

Likewise with the selection of color paint in the bedroom room, usually the colors chosen are calm colors, like white and green.

Mostly, minimalist bedroom designs become the solution for families with limited bedroom space.

Due to the limited area maximizing the function of space with furniture that suits the needs of the top priority.

In addition, this minimalist bedroom design is perfect if you want to save costs because in a minimalist design do not use too many decorative elements.

Minimalist Bedroom Type

For those who like the peace in the room, minimalist bedroom design can also be the best choice. Here is a minimalist bedroom that you can make inspiration:

Minimalist Bedroom with Combined Furniture

minimalist house

The room space is minimal, often making it difficult to mean personal items. But there is no harm if you choose a bed with a drawer that together to put personal items.

In addition, bookshelves on the walls with symmetrical size, as well as mini tables are another solution to make the rooms more minimalist.

Minimalist Bedroom with Mirror

minimalist house

The mirror is another solution, making the room narrow looking spacious as well as the bedroom. You can create the illusion of a wider minimalist room by utilizing the mirror as a decoration.

Of course, the location, and the arrangement of the mirror must remain, in order to get a broad impression.

Minimalist Bedroom with Lighting

minimalist house

Again, again about lighting. Because good lighting is one important aspect if you want to make a minimalist room of limited size becomes more attractive.

Keep your room bright with lighting lights, be it a chandelier or large windows. In addition to making the room more minimalist, the room will be cooler and well-maintained air circulation.

Minimalist Bedroom with Bed Model

minimalist house

You can make the bedroom space to be minimalist by choosing the right bed. The bed itself works when you want to sleep. So you can choose a bed that can be hidden or folded when not in use.

This model bed has been sold at various prices and types, the target is those who have a small room.

This hidden mattress or folding bed model can be opened when you want to sleep or folded hidden when you want to do something on the floor.

Room with a wall as a storage area

minimalist house

Another way to make a minimalist room look beautiful is to consider home construction. This method sounds difficult because it has to plant a storage space in the wall. Although difficult, this way will give you a wider bedroom.

If you want to use this method, you should design a thorough house first so that the budget spent is not wasted.

Minimalist Living Room Design

minimalist house

The living room is one of the interiors of the house that most often becomes a place to interact. Almost every day visited by relatives, neighbors and office guests.

There is a house that uses the living room as a place to spend time with family. Usually, this happens in a simple house with a television so the living room has a function as a family room.

Whatever it is, the point here is the need for a design that provides warmth and comfort for the residents of the house and guests who will visit.

Nowadays we are more familiar with the concept of minimalism, it has become a suggestion that the concept of a house with a minimalist design is always interesting to imitate.

Although, the ethnic or traditional interior design also can provide a comfortable atmosphere. But the minimalist design is more popular to follow.

Tips on Creating a Minimalist Guest Room

Here are some things you need to consider to create a minimalist living room, namely:

Notice the Concept

The point is not the concept of minimalism in general but trying to plan more specific concepts such as the monochrome theme.

If it is still difficult to determine the theme then start by choosing a sofa, because the sofa becomes the main part for a living room. Because the sofa can be the basis of the selection of the next furniture that makes matching with other furniture.

Notice the Material

The concept of a minimalist home is very innovative and like many people, there are many materials used for living room furniture. Each material has its own portion to support an interesting visual. Make sure you don’t use many different types of material.

This relates to the character you want to visualize. The minimalist concept will only look interesting if using a compact material. Choose comfortable materials and avoid from materials that are difficult to clean and have less important functions.

Pay Attention to Colors

minimalist house

In addition to the material, the color is able to give a strong character to the theme that we will apply. This can start with the color of the sofa and then match the color of the carpet and then support furnitures such as a storage or lights.

Make sure to use two different color gradations and contrast. Like wood color as the base color and contrast colors like red, black, white or yellow as the character color.

Pay attention to the furniture

Avoid using furniture not functioning or just as a display. This is often found in classical concepts that often place ornaments and certain knick-knacks only as decorations such as pottery.

In accordance with the concept, everything must look minimalist, fragile and neat. A television table for example which also functions for storage. So, that the concept of minimalism is also synonymous with cleanliness and functional layout.

Type of Minimalist Living Room

If you want to arrange the following minimalist living room we show how the minimalist living room that you can apply at home.

Living Room With Glass Concept

minimalist house

As the name suggests, the living room is surrounded by large glass dominated around the house. Makes the living room look more spacious and lots of incoming lighting.

Minimalist house design with the concept of this glass is already widely applied. Especially for those who have a yard with a garden, this living room was created in order to see the scenery in the garden area in front of the house.

Multi-functional minimalist living room

minimalist house

Minimalist house demands that all the furniture in the house has a function even multifunctional. like a living room, in a minimalist living room will usually be filled by a desk, minimalist guest chair with the additional television.

Another multifunctional furniture is an ottoman table that can store items, sofa bed, and or folding table. All furniture is maximized so that the function does not need to place items for storage.

Living Room with Monochrome Concept

minimalist house

The base color is an alternative choice for a minimalist home, to make it look clean and tidy white color is often chosen. But in addition to a little white color black color also becomes a blend that can create the impression of a modern minimalist home elegant and luxurious.

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With black round table furniture and creamy white sofa chairs, your minimalist living room design will look simple but elegant.

Elements of this monochrome you can apply on black and white patterned curtains. Hanging lamps with copper material wrapped in doff black will enhance the minimalist living room design.

Living Room Minimalist with the Modern concept

minimalist house

With the arrangement of a Sliding door, glass, and other small furniture living room your images can look modern.

The choice of furniture color is also made as minimal as possible and not many motifs, as well as wearing a choice of color matching with wall paint.

In addition, the use of wood elements on the wall or on the floor of a minimalist living room is also a point that can make your living room minimalist more modern.

Minimalist Fence Design

Fences of the house are part of the exterior of the house, the front looks will give the impression of beauty and beauty first before the rest of the house. The fence must also have a link between the fence and the house.

If the house uses a modern minimalist concept then the fence must be in accordance with the concept. The use of a minimalist fence can beautify and make it comfortable.

In addition to the beauty and comfort, there are also aspects of security that should not escape your attention when building a house, note the important things that can improve the security of your home like fences, fence design style is very diverse ranging from the minimalist fence to modern fence.

In terms of fencing, architecture is the first object visible from a house, the fence also has a major function to provide security for you homeowners as well as land boundaries.

There are many types of materials used for home fencings, such as iron, concrete or wood.

For a minimalist style house that is currently a trend, the wooden fence is the best choice, because it can give a simple and natural impression. But actually a lot of material that can be your choice.

The things that need to be considered in making a minimalist fence

Here are the things that must be considered in making a minimalist fence:

Pay attention to the concept of the house

Why must always pay attention to the concept? Because the house is a unified concept that must be aligned so that it is beautiful to see and comfortable to occupy.

If a minimalist-themed house then the type and model of the fence used is that can create a simple impression does not take many places, such as iron and wood.

Fence Material

The form and design of minimalist house fence should consider the material maker. The average house fence is made of iron, but there are also house fences made of wood.

You can choose one and both are very suitable for home models with minimalist design. Besides being suitable, the materials used are quite economical.

Shape and Size

You must be very observant in calculating the shape of the house and fence so that you don’t experience errors. Therefore, the size of the fence must be in accordance with the shape of the house and the size is not very large and very small, not short and not too high.

Height and width of the fence can affect the impression on the house. Too high a fence can give the owner the impression of being closed, but it all depends on the taste of each.

Color Fence

The color of the fence can also affect the beauty of the house. To make the added impression of the fence look more attractive, we can give an additional bright color to the fence.

Fences must be considered very much for the elements of color with the shape and design of the house, thus creating models and shapes that are very harmonious between the two.

This means that the color must match the paint color of the house itself.

Type of Minimalist Fence

For those of you who have not decided which fence design for the home, here is a fence reference so that the house looks minimalist and has its own beauty.

Minimalist Wood Fence

minimalist house

Wooden fence design looks modern and minimalist that fits in with minimalist housing as well. Coupled with the appropriate height can beautify your home.

Materials that are not difficult and a minimal budget can make the house look more luxurious. Depending on how you take care of the wood.

This wooden fence is also more aimed at aesthetic value than for security. So it is advisable for those of you who require security to reconsider.

Wood Fence with Iron Motif

minimalist house

In addition to the aesthetics which create, this fence can also show protection from the outside because it is usually designed high enough.

If you are interested in a wooden fence but are concerned about security, this can be an adequate alternative solution to get the fence you want.

Minimalist Iron Fence

minimalist house design

Iron fences for minimalist houses are now widely chosen because it considers more powerful and durable. In addition, the cost of installation and maintenance is also quite affordable.

However, for fencing installation should be measured and welded strongly, because if less maintenance, the fence can be quickly damaged. Some of the signs are like a bastard, porous, hard to move, and noisy.

Light Steel Fence

minimalist house

Apparently, mild steel can also apply in the manufacture offenses. A lightweight steel fence is another solution of rusty iron.

Mild steel is still a kind of metal material, but it is anti-rust and lighter. This one metal material may be widely known in the manufacture of roof truss as a substitute for wood materials.

Although it is more durable and does not rust easily, this material is more expensive. So do not be surprised if you have to prepare an appropriate budget.

The fence of Houses from Plants

minimalist house

Often we see a house with a fence of plants, which is forming and then create to be a fence. The plant can plant at the boundary of the yard, then treat for large and dense.

This is the best alternative for those of you who do not want to spend a big budget but has a beautiful fence and easy to maintain.

Such plants, such as privets, fire rings, laurels, and bamboo. All these parks turn to a high aesthetic value if you are able to create it.