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Minimalist Interior Design

What is Minimalism?

The goal of minimalist interior design is to make a place uncomplicated and clutter-free while emphasizing its beautiful architectural characteristics. The color is employ ed as an accent and the palette is primarily monochrome.

“In my opinion, utility and minimalism go hand in hand. An open floor plan, abundant of light, and well-made, comfortable furniture with basic lines are all features of a minimalist home.

All of these combine to produce a calming, hospitable space with a classic look.

Robert Brown Interior Design

Mandarin Oriental Residences Condominium by Robert Brown Interior Design.Emily J Followill

Form, Focus & Functionality

“Minimalism allows the focus to shift from the space to something else. For instance, the presence of people or the view outside the window may be more significant than the design of the room, according to Robert Brown of Robert Brown Interior Design. “Everything ought to be useful and enhance the room.

Even while a space still needs all of its components to function, minimalist décor places a strong emphasis on “shape.” For instance, a table and chairs are necessary in a dining area.

These pieces must interact and relate to one another in terms of things like line, color, mass, etc. In their basic configuration, they must function well together.

According to Brown and his team, every piece of furniture in the living room of a condominium they built in the Minimalist style “was purposeful—chairs to comfortably sit in, tables for beverages, hidden window treatments to allow vistas from this high-story property, and a fireplace to warm.”

Even the composition of the painting is simple. The customers need a calm home because they lead very active lifestyles.


A Central Park kitchen by Lilian H. Weinreich Architects.Francis Dzikowski

Minimalist Architecture

While minimalist architecture also aims to condense content and streamline form and structure, it has a complex language on its own. “Minimalist architecture involves the use of reductive design elements, without ornamentation or decoration,” says Lilian H. Weinreich of Lilian H. Weinreich Architects.

While streamlining form and structure and condensing content are goals of minimalist architecture, it also has a rich vocabulary of its own. According to Lilian H. Weinreich of Lilian H. Weinreich Architects, “minimalist architecture entails the use of reductive design principles, without embellishment or decoration.”

Minimalists contend that reducing a design’s form and substance to their bare minimum shows the true “essence of architecture.”

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Weinreich renovated a Central Park South house constructed on “principles of ergonomics, utility, and sustainability,” illustrative of aesthetic restraint—a major notion in formal simplicity and architectural minimalism.

Weinreich put the bulk issue first when working with inherited elements that could not be change d, including the plumbing chase (a false wall use d to conceal plumbing).

According to Weinreich, “the chase has an unanticipated purpose—that of a visual barrier, thus obscuring a direct view into the hectic open-plan kitchen’s operations.”

“This kitchen’s storage capacity was improved by 20% thanks to new full-height upper cabinets, floor-to-ceiling pantry closets, and the use of all under-the-counter island spaces.

The key to this change is simplicity in design and originality in resolution.


San Francisco residence by Jennifer Tulley Architects.Francis Dzikowski

Impeccable Craft of Construction: Light, Form & Materials

As Jennifer Tulley of Jennifer Tulley Architects explains, “Minimalism is an approach to design where the elements of the structure are simplified to their basic components. Along similar lines as Weinrich, the idea of “essential” is crucial to minimalism.

There is nothing added for impact. The elegance of the forms and the materials utilized to produce the forms is what makes the design work, according to her. “The design must be unambiguous and straightforward, but not tedious. Here, the utilization of light, form, and exquisite materials is crucial.

Since misalignments cannot be covered by trim, the craftsmanship of the building is crucial.

In order to retain a minimalist living space while accommodating practical operational issues for the average homeowner or family, Tulley also gave priority to storage for a peaceful and tranquil San Francisco kitchen.

To visually connect the column and wall and give her customers storage, Tulley created an open box shelf.

The glass to ledge and cabinet edge to calls were all carefully aligned, according to the woman. “Walls and flooring [in a minimalist environment] must be level to link items with few joint lines, and cabinets installation must be practically faultless.”

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An elegant and minimalist high-gloss ebony dining table with brass details by Annette Frommer.Gilad Radat

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Benefits of a Minimalist Interior Design Space for Homeowners

The minimalist trend, as well as the urge to seek out and use its key concepts in interior design, are really motivated by the idea of an uncluttered and clean space. According to Annette Frommer of Annette Frommer Interior Design, “If we actually stop to think about it, we do not need so many stuff; we can live in any environment with a lot less.”


How many couches are really necessary? number of chairs Is it even necessary to hang photographs on the walls? possibly just one wall? Maybe on none? Do we really need that many trinkets on our coffee table or shelves?

In actuality, we require usefulness and practicality that meshes without needless frills. Shapes should be quite simple, and colors and textures should mesh well together.

Tulley also talks about the advantages she has personally experienced as a result of applying a minimalist design ethos to her work. She believes that clients are motivated by their space to concentrate on the necessities and possessions that hold personal significance.

Living in a well-designed, tidy room has a relaxing impact.

We take care to provide plenty of closed storage so that the interior design and architecture can be clutter-free. It makes a peaceful refuge for habitation.

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Lighting designer OVUUD, based in Philadelphia, is a model brand for goods made in accordance with modern minimalism’s guiding principles. Its lighting collection is “at the crossroads of a minimalist aesthetic, natural materials, and cutting-edge light technology.”

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A glass console in a modern monochromatic apartment in Israel by Annette Frommer.Elad Gonen

Minimalism Adapted by Different Design Movements

Although minimalism emerged from the contemporary movement, its meaning has grown as a result of its use in a number of different interior design styles. Although minimalism is typically linked with a new and contemporary style, Frommer asserts that it may also be applied to rooms with a classic and traditional aesthetic.

The important thing is that the room is tidy and uncluttered, without too many furnishings, accessories, or clashing colors. Frommer used a mostly-grey color scheme with hints of white for this modern dining area and entrance.

Note that the glass entrance top is decorated with just a single crystal vase filled with lilac flowers, she adds. The brown dining room table, which gives warmth and a welcome atmosphere, is the sole real source of color.

The walls next to the dining room are blank of any paintings. The finished product is an uncluttered, spotless, spacious, and stylish place that is completely practical and harmonious and provides peace to the mind and soul.

According to Weinreich, the modern movement “brought a new style of living with open floor layouts and clean architecture free of needless adornment.” As architects, we have the chance to learn how to manage complexity and understand that the goal of good design is to simplify the complicated.

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The pure sensibility of my work develops not from a predefined architectural style but from the intention to create a space that is clear, intelligent, and serves as a backdrop to the function that is housed within it.

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A minimalist master bedroom in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan by B Interior LLC.Federica Carlet

Challenges of Minimalist Design

Making a location appear warm and inviting is the toughest problem, according to Blaustein. “To create a dynamic mood while employing a monochromatic color palette, various colors, tints, and textures are combined.

This modern Manhattan apartment was created by Blaustein and her crew, and it stands in stark contrast to the busy metropolitan district where it is situated.

The master bedroom was designed with a monochromatic palette of light grey and shades of texture because “our clients wanted the apartment to be a serene refuge from the busy street, especially the bedroom,” says Blaustein. The bed is covered in a soft wool fabric, the walls are covered in a linen wallpaper, and a distressed wool rug warms the floor.

The various textures work well together and produce a relaxing mood. The huge windows are lit by sheer drapery, and the tufted light blue armchair adds a splash of color.

Robert Brown Interior Design

a residence at the Mandarin Oriental by Robert Brown Interior Design. Followill, Emily J.

Brown claims that his greatest difficulty is understanding when to stop planning or enhancing the area. “You know that you are completed,” he explains, “if the room works well, is straightforward in its arrangement without being unduly stimulating.”

Designers must also know when to stop, according to Frommer, “much as artists must occasionally stop and not add colors or brushstrokes.” “In my case, intuition is key. I can tell whether a room is appropriate, balanced, and congruent when it is “just so.”

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