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Creative Wall Paint Design for Bedroom

wall paint design for bedroom – Even though your bedroom is a private and special retreat seen by the least amount of people visiting your home, it is also the one most used by its residents.

You should be able to rest and sleep well in its soothing embrace every night.

As a place where you spend a significant amount of time throughout the day,

your wall painting designs for bedroom should also delight, help your mind be productive, creative, and focused.

Finally, it should reflect your personality.

The quickest way to make a design statement is getting new bedroom wall design ideas with paint.

But it can be difficult to find one that can easily reinvent the bedroom with a bold shade, an unexpected pattern, or even a stylish finish.

wall painting designs for bedroom

We at NoBroker have rounded up a list of must-try wall painting ideas for bedrooms to get you started with your design makeover.

Whether you want an eclectic mix of traditional design aesthetics or an eccentric and modern appeal, this blog has got you covered. 

Wall Painting Designs ideas
Bright yet minimalistic eco-design scheme in a loft-style bedroom

Paint Up with Some Romantic Colours – Romantic Wall Painting Designs for Bedroom 

Sometimes, special romantic dates with chocolates, flowers and dinner keep the love alive among couples.

For the rest of the year, the bedroom can be a haven for romance with simple yet sultry wall colours.

This is where you can choose from a flurry of romantic wall painting designs for bedrooms. 

A great colour of option is Raspberry Pink, which you can use in varying hues.

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Bright or soft Raspberry Pink adds a sweet, intimate, and subtle charm around the room, which can be paired with complementary furniture and décor options.

The darker shade of Raspberry pink adds a seductive vibe to the room, pairing well with bright décor options, and without the shock of the reddish-hot pink hue. 

romantic wall painting designs for bedroom
Cosy bedroom with pink velvet fabric bed in a two-toned pink wall design

To get a palette that is harmonious yet with simple wall painting designs for bedroom, you can try infusing bits of blue and purple, or similar colours analogous to pink.

For example, lavender is a great flirty yet fresh-looking colour that can elevate the romance quotient in the bedroom.

These go really well with metallic furnishings, giving the room a royal yet cosy look. 

Lavender bedroom interior with brass furnishings and headboard
Lavender bedroom interior with brass furnishings and headboard showcased in this bedroom one side wall paint design

If you want to embrace your wild and passionate side, you can even go all out with a dark red painted wall,

that goes well with bright coloured accessories and furniture to balance out the contrast.

Given such colours are next to each other in the colour wheel, they make for great bedroom wall paint designs for couples.

The space enjoys the lack of jarring contrasting hues, and therefore helps you become relaxed and get romantic!

A sophisticated look achieved with deep red interior with decorative mirror
A sophisticated look achieved with deep red interior with decorative mirror

50 Shades of Black & White – Wall Painting Designs for Bedroom

Using black and white bedroom wall design ideas with paint are usually avoided.

But you can incorporate delicate motifs, elegant concepts, and creative textures by going graphic with wall painting designs for bedrooms with black and white.

Given that black is a bold colour, you can really follow suit with other accessories and furnishings with black or white tonality. 

black bedroom interior
Stylish matte black bedroom interior with a white bed and wooden floor

You can also choose to go completely black with metallic or noir décor accessories such as paintings, lamps, beds etc.

Opposite to what is popularly believed, jet black statements create the illusion of the expansive space enveloping you into a deep sleep. 

 Jet black bedroom interior
Jet black bedroom interior with noir décor and gold bedside lamps

Using black and white can also offer several print-themed, easy wall painting designs for bedrooms.

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A monochromatic black and white scheme presents the perfect canvas for your experimentation and expression of personality.

You can for example, add bohemian graphic black and white throw pillows to make your bedroom stand apart. 

black and white bedroom
Music-themed monochromatic print-themed black and white bedroom

Latest Wall Paint Texture Design for Bedroom – Add A Texture with a Twist

While colour is often the priority bedroom wall designs paint.

When livening up your bedroom wall, introducing a texture can bring the added benefits of dimension and depth.

For some amazing texture effects, you can turn to a spectrum of wall paint texture designs for bedrooms.

While a popular option in texture paint designs for bedroom wall is to go for wallpapers featuring optical illusions of texture.

Similar great effects can be achieved with, say, a metallic wall texture offering a rustic look, or a stone wall texture featuring geometrical patterns. 

latest wall paint texture design for bedroom
A luxury bedroom switchboard painting with a white and grey geometric wall pattern texture

Several modern wall paint designs and texture effects are also inspired by fabric prints adding a woven, grainy look.

You can achieve texture effect with a cement effect paint that adds an edge matte vibe to your bedroom, without the high shine gloss.  

Concrete texture wall
Concrete texture wall with wooden coloured bed and white furnishings

If you are looking for simple wall painting ideas for bedroom, look no further than the classic yet elegant looking wood.

An elaborate wooden texture effect can sweep you away into a peaceful, natural-looking world.

Wooden texture bedroom
Wooden texture walls with grey and white furnishings

Creative Wall Painting Designs for Bedroom – Add Some Art to the Mix

You can add some cheer and whimsical fun to the mix by introducing eye-catching shapes and prints and motifs. 

You can turn to several bedroom wall paint design ideas with tape for instance, to feature geometric effects or decals.

Vibrant patterns with a variety of wall decals add texture and depth to your bedroom interiors along with added décor images and even favourite quotes from Harry Potter – whatever fancies your mind! 

creative wall painting designs for bedroom
Bedroom wall adorned with geometric shapes and paintings with white furnishings

If you are the creative kind, you can even go for murals to bring floral, abstract, and artistic visuals for awe-inspiring effects.

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The best part about murals is that they can look good in almost any chosen colour for your bedroom. 

Bright themed pink bedroom wall
Bright themed pink bedroom wall with nature murals and white bed

There is something very eccentric and energetic about pastel colour schemes and ochre textures creates an artistic haven and breathes life into your everyday activities.

A colourful pop of blue, for example, can not only accentuate your bed but also add a clever mix of cool and warm tones.  

Sky blue pastel colour themed bedroom
Sky blue pastel colour themed bedroom interior with blue and white furnishings

3D Wall Painting Designs for Bedroom – Experience Your Wall In 3D!

You can never go wrong by choosing from some 3D wall painting designs for bedrooms.

The range of possible patterns and abstract combinations is vast, and therefore limitless in imagination for a bedroom 3D colour design. 

A honeycomb mirrored wall for instance can be a great addition to the 3d wall painting for the bedroom.

Possible to use in any light colour, and combined with the matching furniture choices, a honeycomb effect lends an elegant effect to the room. 

3d wall painting designs for bedroom
Honeycomb patterned mirror wall for bedroom with metallic décor items

You can also opt for a combination of wooden or brick patterns combo to bring out a rustic look and personality in your bedroom.

This is especially great for rooms where you can complement them with artistic crafts and showpieces or the best color combination for bedroom

Rustic geometric patterned bedroom
Rustic geometric patterned bedroom wall with white and brown furnishings

So, if you are out to design your bedroom walls, don’t limit yourself to a single colour.

Think of hue combinations, add textures, and patterns, and express your personality through art.

You can also check out our blog on how you can Add some character to your space with the best wall texture designs for your bedroom. 

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