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18 Beach House Interior Living Rooms to Inspire You

Coastal style is a more elevated take on the escapist fantasy of living in a beach house interior.

It features a limited palette of soft colors inspired by sand and sea, natural materials like weathered wood and rattan,

and works especially well in breezy, light-flooded rooms—ideally, but not exclusively, with a dreamy ocean view.

If you are a fan of coastal style, check out these designer beach house living rooms from Maine to Southern California to inspire your own beach house living room refresh

or to add some feel-good beach style to any living room, no matter where you call home. 

01. Contemporary

Design and Photo by House of One This polished,

contemporary beach house living room from House of One has clean lines, pale sand-colored flooring,

neutral furnishings, wood accents, modern lighting, white walls, and a wall of windows with a breathtaking view of the water.

02. Southampton

SUK Design Group This homey Southampton, NY open plan living room from NYC-based SUK Design Group has a cozy mix of comfortable upholstered sofas

and armchairs arranged around the fireplace for gathering friends and family.

Shiplap walls and a palette of white and navy warmed up with leather and wood accents is textbook coastal style

with a traditional edge that complements the stunning ocean views.

03. Shades of Blue

Design by Tyler Karu Design + Interiors / Photo by Erin LittleThis Portland, ME waterfront family home living room

from interior designer Tyler Karu of Tyler Karu Design + Interiors has an expansive view of the rugged coast

that is echoed in the interior color palette of shades of white, blue, and sandy beige.

The designer created a clean, casual ambiance suited for a young family,

adding geometric patterns on the rug and throw pillows to keep the coastal palette from feeling too cliché.

Natural wood accents on armchairs and coffee table reference the bare trees beyond the window,

and a comfortable sectional in a medium-toned blue is made for gathering and lounging.

04. Moody Blue

Design by Tyler Karu Design + Interiors / Photo by Erin LittleIn this beach house living room from interior designer Tyler Karu of Tyler Karu Design + Interiors,

a moody slate blue wall has a calming effect that contrasts nicely with the rattan furniture, pale upholstery,

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patterned pillows, and warm antique style wall sconces.

05. Fishing Village Chic 

Design by Becca Interiors Interior designer Becca Casey of Greenwich,

CT-based Becca Interiors celebrated the charming cottage architecture of this city-dweller’s

summer house surf retreat located in the fishing village of Southampton, NY.

She laid custom clad beaded-shiplap vertically on the walls to enhance the ceiling height and add texture throughout the space. And she sourced a vintage mantel that looks like it’s always been there.

Simple furnishings in a coastal palette of whites, beiges, and blues are accessorized with natural materials and wood tones,

including a weathered pair of decorative oars leaning casually in a corner of the room.

06. Hamptons Waterfront

Design by Marlaina Teich Designs / Photo by Ric Marder ImageryIn this calming Hamptons, NY waterfront beach house living room,

interior designer Marlaina Teich of Marlaina Teich Designs used a classic palette of blue and white,

including a delicately patterned accent wall of blue-and-white wallpaper, and blue-and-white patterned throw pillows on the oatmeal-colored sectional.

An antique side table and hurricane lamp add to the nautical theme without resorting to kitsch.

07. Beach Vibes

Design by Emily Henderson Design / Photo by Tessa NeustadtYou don’t have to live on the water to add beach house vibes to your living room.

Interior designer Emily Henderson of Emily Henderson Design created a beach house inspired living room

that would work just as well on the waterfront as it would in the suburbs or the city, with a cheerful palette of white and navy blue.

Painted shiplap ceilings, white walls, navy curtains and window shades, a blue-and-white framed print,

and a large off-white sectional is styled with a fun mix of stripes and solids in white and blue.

A round mustard velvet pillow is thrown into the mix for good measure that glows like the setting sun.Continue to 8 of 32 below.

08. Minimalist

 Design by Flourish Interior Design / Photo by Jenny SiegwartIn this minimalist beach house living room from interior designer by Jen Bannister at Flourish Interior Design,

white walls, neutral furnishings, wood accents and natural wood flooring create a light and airy feel, while wall-to-wall glass doors create a link to the outdoors.

09. Coastal Scandi

 Design by Lindye Galloway Studio+Shop / Photo by Chad MellonDesigned as a Swedish couple’s second home,

this cozy coastal living room from Orange County,

CA based Lindye Galloway Studio+Shop is a blend of breezy coastal California and Nordic style.
Continue to 10 of 32 below.


10. Picture Perfect

 Christina Kim Interior DesignThis picture perfect Jersey Shore beach house living room from interior designer Christina Kim of Christina Kim Interior Design is light, bright, breezy, and spacious.

The main attraction is a knock-out view clearly visible through the wall of ocean-front white glass grid frame doors that lead out to the front porch with its direct access to the sandy beach.

11. High Contrast

 Design and Photo by House of OneIn this sleek, contemporary beach house living room from interior Brittany Farinas of House of One,

a neutral palette of sandy beige and soft whites is juxtaposed with high-contrast accents in shades of orange and rust.

Using warm colors from the opposite side of the color wheel as an accent adds an unexpected twist to the usual toned down beach house color palette.

The designer echoes the three-paneled floor-to-ceiling glass doors with a trio of square mirrors over the sofa that reflect light,

while a classic midcentury glass-topped Noguchi coffee table and industrial sconce add in some layers and organic shapes.

12. Curtains

 Design by Tidal Interiors / Photo by Jenny Siegwart In this relaxed beach house living room from interior designer Rhianna Jones of Tidal Interiors,

a pair of lightweight drapes in a creamy off-white help to frame the stunning water views, and can be drawn to provide privacy without blocking the abundant natural light.  

Painted shiplap and wood beam ceilings add to the light and airy feel, and simple furnishings in shades of white and baby blue echo the view.

13. Upgraded Finishes

 Design by Mindy Gayer Design Co. / Photo by Vanessa LentineThis refined take on a beach house living room

from interior designer Mindy Gayer of Mindy Gayer Design Co. is streamlined and comfortable,

but she upped the coastal ante with more sophisticated finishes like a large blue sectional upholstered in ultrasuede,

a marble-topped coffee table,

a sculptural white end table with a scalloped edge, and a framed photograph of crashing waves.

14. Family Friendly

Design by Tyler Karu Design + Interiors / Photo by James R. Salomon This York Beach, ME living room was designed for a young Boston-based family as a weekend and summer getaway.

Interior designer Tyler Karu of Tyler Karu Design + Interiors took inspiration from the beach down the road to design a home that echoes the natural surroundings.

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Furnishings and decor are practical and the coastal color palette is brightened with vibrant shades of blue that is suited to this family-friendly oasis.

15. Clean and Subtle

Design by Mindy Gayer Design Co. / Photo by Lane DittoeThis Newport Beach, CA beach house has an open-plan living room with clean lines

and simple furnishings rendered in a subtle palette of white, blue, and wood accents.

Interior designer Mindy Gayer of Mindy Gayer Design Co. brought in the coastal notes with textiles and art that keep it understated enough to work in any interior.

16. Luxury

 Laura Brophy Interiors Coastal decor works best when it is carried throughout the house,

everywhere from the front entry to the living room, kitchen, bedroom, and beyond.

In this spacious, luxurious beach house from interior designer Laura Brophy of Laura Brophy Interiors,

the coastal theme starts at the spacious entry with its blue patterned rug

and framed twin photos of the deep blue sea lining the walls that lead to the open-plan living room,

with its wall of windows and impressive ocean views.

17. Midcentury Touches

 Christina Kim Interior Design Interior designer Christina Kim of Christina Kim Interior Design dressed this light and breezy Jersey Shore beach front living room with a mostly bright white palette accented with natural wood tones and shades of pale blue.

Floating wood shelves flanking the fireplace keep the wall feeling open while allowing space to style objects and everyday items.

A sailor stripe rug, midcentury modern chairs and a built-in bluegray leather banquette in the adjacent dining room complete the laid back but stylish beach house atmosphere.

18. Stone Wall

 Laura Brophy Interiors This beach house living room from interior designer Laura Brophy of Laura Brophy Interiors mixes a textured blue rug

that echoes the water view from the wall of windows with formal furniture with curvy lines with organic shapes.

A massive stone wall adds another material and layer to the coastal theme and a pale tile floor is practical for the indoor outdoor space,

not to mention cool underfoot during the heat of summer.