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Modern House Decor Ideas For Inspire

While modern house decor can be mixed with other styles like farmhouse and rustic, there are elements that are fundamental to a pure modern house decor.

  • In modern house decor, there is a light and airy feel about the space rather than a cluttered and over styled look.
  • The furnishings in modern house decor are streamlined, straight, and tailored rather than plush and curvy.
  • With most modern home decor, designers use a neutral color scheme with a mix of natural materials like leather, wood, and metal.
  • In modern style, there is less emphasis on heavy and elaborate window treatments. Instead modern home decor calls for as much natural light as possible. Therefore, windows are left unadorned or have light and tailored curtains.

A brief history of modern design

Many confuse modern house decor with contemporary design. However, modern house decor is based in a historical time period unlike contemporary style which incorporates whatever is popular in the current day.

In the current era, modern house decor is popular and included in contemporary home decor.

A brief history of modern design
Brittany Stiles Design

The modern style began in the early 20th century.

In these early decades, there was renewed interest in industrialization. Many designers and architects used the new innovations to build more modular style designs which were affordable for more people.

There was also increased interest in the minimal Scandinavian and German design and architecture styles.

In other words, there was less emphasis on details for details’ sake.

Rather, every piece was styled to function at the highest capacity over a focus on superfluous details or accessories.

Time for a refresh

Many people are interested in incorporating modern house decor into their homes but aren’t sure where they should begin.

After all, it is impractical and expensive to begin from scratch.

However, modern house decor can be incorporated into many home decor styles and throughout the entire home space. Here are a few ideas to bring new life into rooms that feel dated.

Tips for adding modern decor to your home

Time for a refresh
Homes by Brent Keys
  • Consider your room and how you use it. This will include the furniture, layout, and the window treatments. For example, the furniture and accessories you need for a formal dining room are different from those that you need for a powder room.
  • Once you have established what you are going to be using in your room, begin to declutter the things that you will not be using. This can include items you want to replace and items you need to move to another location like that coffee table that is too large or the rug that has seen one too many spills.
  • Try some inexpensive changes first like changing the layout or painting the walls a more modern shade like white or gray. These can have a large impact on the way the room looks but don’t break the bank.
  • Next, add a few larger accent pieces like a modern coffee table or a bed to focus the tone of the room in a new direction. For example, a modern light fixture can have instant visual appeal and change the look of the entire room.
  • Last, add modern details to the room like pillows, blankets, and vases. Don’t forget to mix up the texture in the room. Pay special attention to bringing in natural texture to add visual interest and warm up the room. While the overall look should be neutral, bring in a few pieces in a bright color to enliven the room.
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Modern home decor ideas for inspiration

Not sure where to start? It never hurts to get some photographic inspiration from these pictures of modern house decor to start the wheels turning so you can create a space that you love.

Modern kitchen wall decor

Modern kitchen wall decor

Modern decorating doesn’t shy away from deep, dark, or moody hues in any space.

This modern style kitchen pairs many textures together including the wood cabinets, marble counters and backsplash, and the dark paneled wall above the shelf.

The designer has kept this shelf styled in a minimal way using just a few pieces to add new shapes and character to the design.

Mixed furniture

Mixed furniture

The black bench seating pairs well with the natural wood dining table. Both elements are streamlined and sleek but have an interesting architectural shape.

The candle holders of various styles add textural interest to the table.

Modern lighting

Modern lighting

Nothing gives more bang for your buck than a new light fixture. Many modern styled rooms use abstract and geometric lighting.

These fixtures have multiple lights to bring more clarity to the room and have a high level of sophistication.

These light fixtures can change the look of a small space like an entryway or a larger room such as a bedroom.

Modern wall decor ideas

Modern wall decor ideas
Pretty Real

One of the best modern wall decor ideas is a gallery wall.

While gallery walls run the gamut of style, they can be designed to complement modern decor if they are simple and minimal in color tone.

This gallery wall from Pretty Real has an eclectic edge, but it features minimal color tones.

For a more minimal design, feature a collection of pictures that are all the same color, theme, and size. These look as wonderful in a hallway as they do in a living room.

Modern dining furniture

Modern Home Decor Ideas for Lovers and Skeptics Alike

Midcentury style furniture refers to the style furniture that was popular in the 1940s through the late 1950s. It goes hand in glove with modern styling.

This style is simple and spare with no superfluous detail.

These dining chairs are based on the Eames Plastic Side Chairs designed by Charles and Ray Ames in 1950.

Open windows

Modern Home Decor Ideas for Lovers and Skeptics Alike

Heavy draperies signify opulence and sophistication but do not work with modern decor.

Keeping window treatments minimal, or altogether absent when appropriate, is one of the simplest modern decorating ideas and is easy to implement for any window.

If your windows need some kind of covering, opt for a simple and tailored white or ivory curtain panel.

Modern wall decor ideas

Modern Home Decor Ideas for Lovers and Skeptics Alike

In spaces with modern decor, wallpaper on accent walls or between shelves can add an unexpected and enlivening touch. Consider this botanical wallpaper with a mixture of muted and bright colors.

It adds subtle interest to this kitchen shelf and blends with the accessories in a way that does not overwhelm them.

Modern living room decor

Modern living room decor

This modern living room has all the crucial elements of modern design. Notice the tailored sectional and muted colors. There are many textures throughout the design to soften the stark edges.

This living room also has rustic detailing to complement the design like a farmhouse coffee table.

Colorful detailing

Modern Home Decor Ideas for Lovers and Skeptics Alike

While most of the color tones of modern style are muted, you can bring personality to the design by adding a fun color tone. This shelf area is painted in a soft sage green. It complements neutral tones like black, gray, beige, and ivory.

Natural lighting

Modern Home Decor Ideas for Lovers and Skeptics Alike

Large woven pendant lights are becoming a staple of modern kitchen decor because of their textural, warm qualities. They soften a sleek space.

This style of lighting might be the perfect addition to your kitchen if you are looking to incorporate more modern elements into your house. These lights don’t compete with the traditional kitchen, but they give it a fresh look.

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Open concept

Open concept

Open concept living is popular in modern design as this was a layout that became popular in midcentury design.

This floor plan is not popular with everyone, but when someone does it well, it is stunning.

Interior design company Ames Interiors created this room that features farmhouse modern decor style.

It is difficult to hide clutter in open floor plants. Extra accessories should be kept to a minimum for this style to be effective.

Modern farmhouse decor

Modern Home Decor Ideas for Lovers and Skeptics Alike

Many modern homes thrive off the juxtaposition of opposites.

Mixing raw elements, such as roughened wood, ceiling beams, and vintage art, with more high-end elements,

such as marble countertops and brass cabinet hardware, creates a gorgeous atmosphere.

Midcentury modern accents

Modern Home Decor Ideas for Lovers and Skeptics Alike

From floors to ceilings and living rooms to entryways and bathrooms, patterned tiles are one of the best modern decorating ideas for enlivening a home’s décor.

Mosaic patterned glass tiles, like those shown here, whether on walls or floors, give a nod to a retro era.

Modern bohemian decor

Modern Home Decor Ideas for Lovers and Skeptics Alike

With modern coffee table decor, the right decorative accessories make all the difference. This woven coffee table with the blond wood top works well with bohemian, farmhouse and eclectic styles.

For styling modern coffee tables, keep the accessories to a minimum. You might pair a set of sleek coffee table books with a set of vases or use an architectural object like a sculpture to add interest. Whatever you choose, the key is to not overdo it.

Mid-century furniture

Modern Home Decor Ideas for Lovers and Skeptics Alike

The sleek and tailored style of midcentury furniture pairs with the modern style in such a seamless way that together, these create a new style: midcentury modern (MCM).

In fact, clean, comfortable furniture that is in proportion to the space and that adheres to an intuitive design is often more comfortable than plush styles.

Open shelving

Modern Home Decor Ideas for Lovers and Skeptics Alike

Whether it’s open shelving in the kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom, or a stand-alone bookshelf in the family room, open shelving is a great addition to modern décor.

“White” space, or the blank air between objects, works well with open shelving, giving the design a sense of spaciousness. Further, the wood shelves bring valuable texture to any design.

Geometric interest

Geometric interest

Many modern spaces benefit from the structure and repetition of geometric patterns because this type of visual cue tends to bring order to its surroundings.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to geometric additions into a modern space – area rugs, artwork, textiles, furniture, wallpaper, etc. Consider an addition like a Gan rugs if you want to add a subtle geometric feature in your house.

Modern kitchen

Modern Home Decor Ideas for Lovers and Skeptics Alike

A sleek, updated kitchen is a hallmark of modern design. However, most people do not have the budget to do a full-scale kitchen remodel.

Instead, consider painting the cabinets in a neutral tone or something that is a bit more vibrant.

Adding interesting light fixtures will change the look of the space without adding too much to the overall budget.

Last, some modern style bar chairs can add a pop of modern style to the kitchen.

Bold color accent

Modern Home Decor Ideas for Lovers and Skeptics Alike

While neutral colors exemplify classic modern style, midcentury modern style has a somewhat different color palette.

MCM uses colors that were popular during the midcentury, colors like mustard yellow, orange, brown, and turquoise.

These pieces work well to complement classic modern style by bringing in a new color idea that balances a muted color palette.

Clean lines

Modern Home Decor Ideas for Lovers and Skeptics Alike

Modern decorating ideas help bridge the gap between sleek and natural in a modern space. Polished wood elements, for example, bring out the natural texture without sacrificing sleek sophistication.

Neutral color scheme

Modern Home Decor Ideas for Lovers and Skeptics Alike

This is a beautiful modern style kitchen.

Notice the muted color scheme and the open shelving. We love the varied countertop styles as the marble and wood countertops bring a new texture into the room.

The single pink chair at the dining table amid the set of white chairs adds a bold touch in the room.

Modern rustic decor

Modern Home Decor Ideas for Lovers and Skeptics Alike

Because the texture is important in modern design, this rustic room fits with modern style in a seamless way. Notice also the large screen tv above the half stone wall.

Of course, we need electronics in our modern rooms. However, the technology works best with the modern style when it is inserted into the room in a seamless way.

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Minimal style

Modern Home Decor Ideas for Lovers and Skeptics Alike

As evidenced by the various pictures in this article, modern style decor can look different in many contexts. This bedroom shows how modern style looks with a minimalist twist.

The simple gray bedding and lack of pillows look planned in this sophisticated bedroom.

If you like this style, choose bedding that has some natural texture, like linen or raw silk, but be sure to stay away from ruffles and flounces.

It is also important to add hidden storage because, as the name suggests, minimal design works the best with very few items visible.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is a modern home style?

In short, modern home style is defined by simple, sleek furniture, neutral color schemes, with a combination of natural textures like wood, metal, and leather. This style rejects superfluous detail and is more about functional furniture.

What is the difference between contemporary and modern styles?

Many people confuse contemporary and modern home design. Contemporary design includes whatever is the popular design style in the current day.

Modern design is a historic style that features elements of Scandi and midcentury design. The confusion comes because what is popular right now (contemporary) is modern style.

What are the five characteristics of a modern home?

The five most important elements of a modern home design are clean lines, open floor plans, the use of a maximum amount of glass for large windows, flat roofs, and the use of modern materials like concrete, metal, and glass.

What is considered modern furniture?

Modern furniture is clean and unadorned by fancy detailing.

This style of furniture uses natural materials such as teak and leather, but it also uses plastic and metal detailing as well.

How to modernize your home?

Many are attracted to the modern design style because of the simple lines and warm textures.

However, it is expensive to change all your design accessories at one time.

Rather, add in some decorative details that can make a large impact. Items like light fixtures and throw pillows make a large visual impact.

As you can, add in small furniture items like side chairs, tables or wall art.

What is my home decor style?

It is difficult to know what your design style is because most of us do not have a pure style; rather, it is a mix of many styles. First, look at images of different styles to see what resonates with you.

Next, take an online quiz. Also, look at what you have to see the pieces in which you have already invested. In the end, your design, like that of most people, will be a mix of many styles.

Where can I find modern furniture and accessories?

The best place to start is with items from featured brands like All Modern and Crate and Barrel. This kind of store will give you a solid lead and help you define your style.

From there, you can search for brands that you find like Gan rugs or Copeland furniture that you can find from many different sellers and that work in your price range.

It is important to read reviews of all of your purchases before you invest in them to make sure that you are getting a product that has longevity as well as style.


Modern home decor is a way that you can incorporate modern style into your home. However, you don’t have to change everything about your current style.

Instead, add a few items that can refocus the style of your home or change everything. In the end, it is up to you to decide how to incorporate these decor ideas into your home spaces.