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How to create the perfect salon interior

when it comes to planning the interior of your salon, we understand that you will want to get the most out of the space you have.

You should take into consideration the needs of your clients and staff to make sure you create a salon that is comfortable, luxurious and relaxing.

To help you, we’ve collected some of the key factors that will allow you to create the perfect salon interior.

First impressions are key

Whether it’s a new or returning customer entering your salon, always make sure it looks presentable and clean.

Remember, you only get one chance to make a first impression, so make it count!

We’d suggest placing a stylish reception desk close to the entrance of your salon.

When customers enter, they will be clear on where to check in or book an appointment.

Make sure the desk is tidy and free from letters, client information and any clutter. Otherwise, it might look unprofessional and unorganised to your customers.

If possible, keep the reception away from treatment areas so clients are not invading the privacy of others.

Also, if someone is booking in for a beauty condition they might be a little embarrassed about,

then they may not want to mention it in front of the whole salon.

You could also place a magazine rack within this area to help your clients relax while they wait for you.

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Within this area, have products on show that your clients can purchase such as shampoos and gift sets.

Floor Plan

The layout of your salon is incredibly important so take the time to find a floor plan that works.

As mentioned above, a reception desk should be towards the front of your salon to meet and greet clients.

For those opening a hairdressers, consider where your washing area will be.

Ideally, it should be in a section of the salon away from all other customers.

When you are having your hair washed and massaged, you want to relax completely and do not want others watching you. Make sure you respect the privacy of your client and section this area off.

Make sure any pipes that connect them are hidden to make the salon look presentable and stylish for your clients.

Whether you’re a beauty salon or hairdressers that offers beauty treatments,

plan for treatment rooms to be available for more private services such as waxing.

If you’re short of space, and perhaps can only fit one room in,

consider where you can place therapists across the salon, such as the nail bar, for example.

Be sure to size up your salon interior and work out how much furniture you can fit in without it being squashed and cramped.

Once your furniture is in, you can plan your salon’s interior design and decor such as mirrors.

Through enforcing a floor plan, you’ll be able maximise the space of the salon if you have considered the sizings of rooms and equipment.

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If you’re looking for furniture for your salon, head over to our Lotus range.

Window space

If you’ve chosen a property with a large window, it can be great for passersby to look in and see the services you are offering.

However, it might not be a good look for those clients having treatments within the salon.

If your treatment areas are close to the window, fill this gap with adverts or display your new range of products here.

If you are limited for space or are sure you want people to see inside,

it might be a wise idea to place a nail technician or make-up artist here as these treatments are not as intimate.

Consider your audience

As mentioned in our post on finding the perfect location for your salon,

you should be thinking about the audience you would like to attract and if your interior design and layout will work for them.

If you’re planning on opening in a city that’s full of students and creative styles,

then having an open plan salon filled with quirky art and electric colours will be perfect for your clientele.

However, move this into the suburbs and the interior might not work on the locals!

Is your salon interior practical for your staff?

When it comes to planning your interior, make sure you don’t go overboard with trying to cram in as many wash stations, cutting stations or treatment rooms as possible.

In your plans, you might think you have the space to fit all of this in, but once you’ve actually got all this furniture in, your space can be quite limited.

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Do your staff have room to move around without knocking into clients or other colleagues? Can they put their equipment down without being in the way of anyone? Do they have space to move trolleys, chair or stools around on the main floor?

Also, within the salon make sure the lighting is ideal for your staff.

You need to make sure it’s bright enough for your stylists and therapists to see the cut, colours and styling of the clients hair, for example.

The same goes if you are offering nail treatments, you need to make sure the lighting is right for painting and filing nails.

Of course we’d expect candles and dimmed lights in a massage room as this is the place to zone out!

What type of salon decor should I use?

Once you have considered your target audience and worked out what interior design you’d like to work with,

you’ll then have a clearer idea of colours and themes with which to style your salon.

You will need to consider what flooring and lighting works best for your salon,

and make sure you run similar themes throughout the main floor and your smaller rooms to keep the design consistent.

If you’re looking for some inspiration,