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What Is Luxury Interior Design ?

What Is Luxury Interior Design ?

Understanding the True Essence of Luxury Interior Design? The term luxury belongs to those evanescent words such as happiness, beauty, style; with a hard to comprehend nature and even more difficult to define…

So many times reading design journals and magazines you would have noticed expressions like “luxury lifestyle”, “luxury living” and “luxury homes”.

But what exactly do they denote?

What are the indispensable attributes of luxury interior design?

Real luxury living cannot ever truly be given a specific definition. It’s a natural process that sets about as a seed deep within the soul and blossoms through our everyday lifestyle choices.

However, there are a few common characteristics shared by luxe spaces. Let’s unpack the true essence of luxury interiors.

Envisioning the whole

High-end interior design is more than arranging chandeliers and tufted settees to somebody else’s preconceived pattern of symmetry.

It is about bringing forth the real diamond that shines within us all — authenticity… The authentic design is a canvas for creativity, inspiration, and exploration — and all three are the context and the story that forms the real footing in the art of luxury interiors.

modern luxury interiors

The depth of detail is what pushes design boundaries further to the sources of authenticity.

Hence “customised design” has the magic power in both luxurious residential and commercial interiors that are created according to the client’s needs and taste; from tailored furniture and art to custom flooring and window treatments, etc.

A high-end interior designer listens to a client’s vision and translates that into a one-of-a-kind look where every aspect perfectly fits together to create a brilliant end product.

Ready-made furniture pieces and upholstery can be a luxury, but to truly enjoy a “perfect fit” design, the custom is the heart of luxe interior aesthetic.

Comfort is key

The gift of luxury means living in a state of comfort and convenience; where your interior environment and the systems that make it function smoothly, serve you, the user.

It should feel warm, inviting, and unique in its characteristics — and at the same time invoke an emotion of extreme well-being.

luxury interior decor

The quality of early luxurious interiors and objects were once marked by opulence and extravagance,

but today we look to design to not only fill us with a sense of pride and accomplishment;

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but rather, lend a feeling of being alive, nurtured and comfortable.

luxury interior design is about experience

Imagine an art collector, a pilot and avid chef in one room, each of these people will have different priorities and will imagine a perfect luxurious environment differently…

There isn’t a one-fits-all solution — this is especially prominent in the hi-end sector where people want to embrace their passions and adjust the interior design to suit their lifestyle.

modern luxury interior design

One person will love the idea of plush interior leather upholstery throughout the living room,

but the other will experience luxury by having a spa-centre in a modern bathroom surrounded by huge expanses of glass.

For some people, a dining experience under a huge aquarium makes them feel indulgent and happy…

What remains consistent and perhaps the most important experience — the one when you walk into the room and instantly feel relaxed.

When luxury interior design is rooted in the cohesive combination of shapes, colours, textures and proportions —

it always feels right and greatly enhances an experience in which all the human senses are engaged.

Complementary to every style

Luxury interior design can offer inspiration and bring personality to various design styles.

Whether your taste is timeless classical, ultra-modern or tends to veer more towards contemporary minimalism of Scandinavian aesthetic,

there are ways to ensure a luxe feel with the help of sophisticated materials and decadent detailing.

luxury design


Although the luxury interiors can be rather opulent, it is never overstated and balance is easily created to ensure it melds seamlessly into other aesthetics for a refined and comfortable finish.

For instance, luxury can very much be inspired by traditional aesthetics.

Meaning, a traditionally styled living space can feature elegant and classic wall murals, a stunning boiserie wall decor, heavy swag curtains or detailed upholstery on the settee.

So, whether you’re looking to dazzle and impress with the finest materials such as the softest silk and leather linings,

or introduce sophisticated accent touches that span from understated elegance to elaborate exuberance even in the most compact space,

luxury interior detailing can make all the difference in your current design setting.

Less is beautiful

Consistently perfecting modern luxury interior design means creating a space that’s thoughtfully designed but not ostentatious.

It’s an art of restricting yourself to using only the most necessary elements despite having a big budget.

A lot of modern luxury interior designers fall into the trap of specifying the most expensive, over-designed products and materials, simply because they can.

luxury interiors


This is true when it comes to furniture and pretty much everything else. Clutter is anathema in high-end design and excess is rarely better.

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It can be distracting and instantly instil a sense of chaos and disorderliness. A high-end design feels curated and every element should feel like it always belonged there.

Natural materials and sustainability

One of the essential stages of the luxury interior design process is selecting the colours, textures and materials that are inviting and feel fabulous.

All materials and fabrics should add to the overall character of the space and convey a sense of rarity without seeming pretentious.

contemporary luxury interior design

Today, combining different finishes and materials that are great for our surrounding environment has become a very rewarding way of creating stylish interiors — stone and metal,

organic fabric and wood as examples.

Eco-friendly materials add a unique character with a layer of authentic importance.

Think, sumptuous velvet, airy feathers, grainy earthy reclaimed-wood, shiny metal appeal and the sensual allure of high-quality leather.

Various textures help to create a feeling of depth, visual weight and dimension to any design and evoke the many layers of exclusiveness.

Professional interior designers no longer debate about the idea of consolidating luxury and sustainability: luxury is already becoming environmentally conscious.

Consistency in design from room to room

A well-executed luxury interior design plan demonstrates balance and unity being in perfect harmony throughout an entire space.

Each design element complements each other and flows effortlessly to avoid a collection of unrelated rooms.

luxury interior design

That’s not to say the colour palette should stay exactly the same in order to establish more of that consistency.

Rather, a refined design plan has unifying elements such as line, repetition, shape and rhythm that carry through the entire indoor environment, varied slightly in each room to adhere to its specific function and purpose.

The principle of visual continuity takes an expert’s eye to achieve.

Luxury interior design is a treat that can be enjoyed at any scale.

luxury interior

Here are simple ways to add luxe to your residential or commercial space:

Light up the living space with eye-catching modern fixtures. For extra oomph, use multiple layered lighting at differing heights and zones to up your room’s cosy level.

Look to metallic finishes to create a marvellous atmosphere that absolutely feels right for your space.

Pair different metal accents in gold, brass and chrome to bring a lavish sheen to your interior scheme.

Illuminate special features. If you’re going to go to the lengths of great luxury interior design, then every standout architectural feature or décor piece should have its own moment in the spotlight.

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This could be anything from a sleek modern staircase design to an opulent art piece on a stunning feature wall.

When choosing a rooms colour palette, sophisticated neutrals such as grey form the perfect backdrop; then introduce a rug in deep colour, plush cushions and accent furniture to create drama.

Incorporate ambient lighting to lift and enrich the overall look.

Instead of focusing on colour alone, highlight texture to add depth and turn your overall scheme into a visual delight.

An intricate wall feature, textured soft furnishings or flooring can all add just the right visual appeal.

luxurious interior design ideas


Luxury is about comfort

Made to measure curtains are a must. Don’t let window drapes fall short if you want to achieve a luxury finish that exudes glamour and elegance; let the fabric “pool” a little at the floor for an abundant lavish look.

Luxury isn’t only about how aesthetically pleasing the room is, but about comfort too. Create an intimate furniture arrangement.

Everyone feels cosy perching on sumptuous sofas and comfy occasional chairs that are positioned in a way that encourages social interaction.

When considering furniture and decorative accents, choose quality larger pieces that fill the space properly and make the whole design feel more indulgent, rather than a cluster of smaller cheaper items.

Build a true focal point around something that’s completely unique to your space.

This could be a gallery of ornate framed mirrors to add decadence and shine, a display of things that actually mean something to you on some unique wall shelves or a double-sided fireplace in a long room.

Then, light it up to ensure your focal takes centre stage.


Luxury interior design is a creative process led by experienced interior designers. It relates very closely to the client’s unique way of life and puts experiences first. It embraces the true joy of living and the beauty of the surrounding nature or vibrant city landscape.

At every stage of the design process, every element is crucial; from a functional layout to the final decor touches.

The modern luxury design explores new ideas, pays close attention to every detail and carefully considers materials and finishes.

To make the concept of “luxury” strong, the overall design should be well-executed without losing authenticity — and should reflect the user’s personal needs and taste,

improve their quality of life and the experience of their interior environment.